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Woven Africa Dual Studies - Press Release

Dual Studies on Agriculture 4.0 for food, employment, and wealth

Dual Studies to Industrialize Agriculture

Africa population is growing exponentially. We are all aware that alimentation and employment for the next generation is the challenge but will also bear great potential. Education in technology and agriculture will be the motor for a better Africa to close the gap in wealth to the developed countries. 

Dual Studies are a traditional form for quality education

The norm of the Continental European education system is Dual Studies, that combine vocational training in rural farms with engineering education held by a specialized college. The goal is to give students engineering skills while knowing the needs of the farmers for industrializing agriculture.

Train people as engineers to work in agriculture

The goal of Dual Studies is to use education on Digital Technology to allow local talents to develop local solutions for the real local demands in Africa that would increase independence of African countries. The prototype will focus on Information Technology, Agriculture and Business Acumen.

Students will work alternatively on a farm and study at the university. That way they will learn the needs and possibilities of the farmers and create own ideas what machines are really needed to assist the daily work.

Projects instead of internships

The students will switch in their last year into “project mode” which replaces the theory driven “internship”. From what they have learned on the farm they propose ideas what machine or solution should be implemented to make Agriculture work more efficient. Students will define a project that can be funded by International organizations.

Universities and international advisors to mentor the project

The project will be implemented under the mentorship of the universities by a larger group of students from various faculties. The students will do all steps from idea, feasibility study, budget planning, business plan, design, prototype, marketing, legal and go-to-market – all steps that a startup would does as well.

Students will be agricultural engineers on international skill level

With this concept students will learn in parallel practical skills, engineering and how to build a start-up business. Classically they learn this in sequence, with Dual Studies they all learn in parallel and with a higher quality. 


Axel Angeli, Owner, and Managing Director Logosworld 

May 2024