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Technology Boot Camps

Build real solutions with a team

Boot camps are one semester long education lectures that are designed on collaborative work. During the boot camp the students work together in one or several concurrent teams and autonomously design and implement a solution for a given task.

After the boot camp the student will have learned to design, develop, document and maintain  complex solutions and get a professional understanding how products can  be marketed in a start-up business.

The boot camps are usually made from several blocks

  • Initial and intermediate theory lecture by a professor
  • Several workshop seminars to teach essential complex contents
  • Autonomous and mentored laboratory work in a team
  • Regular intermediate colloquia to discuss the achieved milestones
  • Make your product market ready
  • Rigorosum to present the solution and special results in a scientific form

The achievements of the workshop are documented in a scientific blog and the course of the boot camp eventually documented in a scientific publication.

The education goals of a boot camp are:

  • Learn the skills to use one or more chosen industry standard technologies.
  • Learn how to professionally organize a project and collaborate in a larger team
  • Learn scientific ways to enhance communicationUnderstand practice of organization of complex collaborative work
  • Learn how to proessionally and scientifically document your work
  • Practice the scientific disoute and dialog in a group
  • Prepare and present your work to an external audience
  • Defend your solutions against a critical or not knowing audience
  • Understand, how a product needs to be transformed to be commercial solution

The boot camps are designed after the successful model of IBM Red Books.